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UUUUUuuuugh…..I don’t want to write a whole new intro for this week’s game. I’m tired. I know! I’ll hire someone else to write this one!

Hello, my name is Rob. I’ve been hired to write an introduction for a hashtag tag. To be honest I had to look up what a hashtag game was. Apparently it’s a game played on Twitter where people try to be funny online. Truthfully I don’t get it. But I wasn’t paid to get it. I was paid to write a 100 to 200 word opening paragraph. He never gave me a topic to write about so I’m just going to fill the paragraph with random words. Dump truck, apples, doctor, Connecticut, orange, DVD player, scented candles, Slip N’ Slide, CheezeWiz, Antidisestablishmentarianism. THERE, that should do it. My job here is done. I get paid and you can read the list of winning entries for this game. Oh yeah, I forgot to let you know that the game was #LifeHacksForTheLazy

And One From Your Host

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