HashtagSkirmish w/ JK Callaway Top10 #FaceAppUsedMyPicsTo


Your Social Media timelines have been taken over by old faces! With all this information willingly given what will they do with it?

Friday July 19th, 2019 on @HashtagSkirmish we played #FaceAppUsedMyPicsTo! Thanks for playing along and keep joining us every Friday 11:30amE/8:30amP!

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And Now… here is Our Top10 for this week’s @HashtagSkirmish Game #FaceAppUsedMyPicsTo!

#FaceAppUsedMyPicsTo sell STD awareness— El Capitan Americano (@badLwithbadLcat) July 19, 2019


#FaceAppUsedMyPicsTo … Show me how I didn’t look when I was young pic.twitter.com/k54NxXG7Si— 🇦 🇳 🇬 🇮 🇪 🌻🌻🌻 (@AngeliqueMGR) July 19, 2019


#FaceAppUsedMyPicsTo attract older women pic.twitter.com/2AO3pGDib5— Nate Ben (@NathanielBen82) July 19, 2019


Target me on Facebook with Russian-created 2020 Pro Trump Ads #FaceAppUsedMyPicsTo— Meatblanket (@MeatBlankett) July 19, 2019


#FaceAppUsedMyPicsTo frame me pic.twitter.com/z2jjZ9VZk4— strangerSTEEL (@FindTheRedBaron) July 19, 2019


#FaceAppUsedMyPicsTo remind you to stay out of the sun pic.twitter.com/MWJQzEQZcI— Roy🌕🚀🌎 (@map_boy_roy_) July 19, 2019


#FaceAppUsedMyPicsTo veto chins pic.twitter.com/0Z97mg1jhP— PB_Cougar (@PB_Cougar) July 19, 2019


#FaceAppUsedMyPicsTo send money to some guy in Nigeria who says he’s a Prince.— Carl Lamy (@carllamy) July 19, 2019


#FaceAppUsedMyPicsTo convince baby boomers they are still the largest voting block heading into the 2020 election!
@HashtagSkirmish @jkCallawayYAY pic.twitter.com/pBJwfgXr1S— Small Sprite (@FreshFishFarts) July 19, 2019

Before we get to our #1 here are a few Honorable Mentions including one for the host JK Callaway!

#FaceAppUsedMyPicsTo empty my savings account. Enjoy the $32 dollars, Vlad! @HashtagSkirmish— JK Callaway (@jkCallawayYAY) July 19, 2019

#FaceAppUsedMyPicsTo find hot singles in my area— Dirtbag Murphy (@dirtbagmurphy) July 19, 2019

#FaceAppUsedMyPicsTo solve a decades old mystery in the Ukraine— Jeff Dwoskin – Hashtag Roundup (@bigmacher) July 19, 2019

#FaceAppUsedMyPicsTo pitch a Golden Girls reboot pic.twitter.com/8MgmXi2w5c— Fred E (@radley_atticus) July 19, 2019

#FaceAppUsedMyPicsTo call my mother in law and invite her to live with us indefinitely.— Robyn spelled with a “y” (@robyndwoskin) July 19, 2019


#FaceAppUsedMyPicsTo help the KGB create a dating site for lonely secretaries of Pentagon officials.— Don Wright (@dwttennis) July 19, 2019

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