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So the other day when I was at the gym and I had just finished lifting weighs when I saw a motivational saying painted on the wall opposite me that said “No Pain, No Gain”.  So I wiped off the sweat, but down my weights, and…….OK, ok FINE!  I was on the couch eating day old pizza and watching a movie that had a gym scene in it but that saying WAS painted on a wall.  Geesh, you people won’t let anything go.  But seeing that saying got me thinking.  “No Pain, No Gain”…..that’s just stupid.  The only way that you can achieve a goal is to be in agony?  But now a days people love those stupid nonsensical sayings.  You see them all the time on Facebook, probably in front of a picture of someone running up a mountain, or standing triumphantly on a hill, or just a simple picture of a silhouetted person looking off into a sun set.  You now the crap I’m talking about.  People post it just to feel better about themselves and hopes that others will think that they are constantly reaching for the stars.  When in reality we are just reposting it from someone else’s site at 3 in the morning while we sit on the toilet.  These posts got me thinking, if these real quotes are stupid already what are some truly bad ones!  That’s what I asked Twitter for this week with the hashtag #TerribleInspirationalSayings.  We even trended to the #10 spot in the U.S.   There were so many great responses that this week there is a top 25 instead of a top 20.  So check out the top list below and don’t forget to join me every Tuesday at 11 am EDT for the next exciting episode of “Hashtag, You’re It”


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