HashtagSkirmish w/ JK Callaway Top10 #CabinFeverSymptoms


Hopefully we all can find a bit of time to get away from it all. How do you know you’ve been away a little too long?

Friday July 26th, 2019 on @HashtagSkirmish we played #CabinFeverSymptoms! Thanks for playing along and keep joining us every Friday 11:30amE/8:30amP!

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And Now… here is Our Top10 for this week’s @HashtagSkirmish Game #CabinFeverSymptoms!

You start dressing like a Mumford unironically #CabinFeverSymptoms— Ol’ Whatshisname (@Taniwha2point0) July 26, 2019


Your hives look like little cabins.— Nerd2.0 (@Nerd2pointO) July 26, 2019


Hot n bothered #CabinFeverSymptoms pic.twitter.com/4q1QL2DLBV— Robyn (@rawbeancoal) July 26, 2019


Asking the dust bunnies where they hid all the eggs. #CabinFeverSymptoms— J.B. Smith (@jbsmth65) July 26, 2019


Netflix suggests taking a walk #CabinFeverSymptoms— Keith G. Blair (@44bizzness) July 26, 2019



Writing A Manifesto

@HashtagSkirmish— Q (@2phat2phish) July 26, 2019


#CabinFeverSymptoms losing the will to masturbate— Bread Winner, Not Evil, Pope Declared Me A Saint (@XRobsPunchinBag) July 26, 2019


Getting a lot of writing done #CabinFeverSymptoms pic.twitter.com/WQEYnRPCWm— Bill Zachmann (@beezeemann) July 26, 2019


#CabinFeverSymptoms “Hey kids! Let’s go on a scavenger hunt for school supplies at Walmart along with 200 other people!” piques your sense of adventure.— Dawn Probst (@DawnP46) July 26, 2019

Before we get to our #1 here are a few Honorable Mentions including one for the host JK Callaway!

Reorganizing the DVDs so they make a lovely mosaic of your own face #CabinFeverSymptoms @HashtagSkirmish— JK Callaway (@jkCallawayYAY) July 26, 2019

Conversing with your husband. #CabinFeverSymptoms— ❤️Paige❤️🐝 (@BumbleBeeszy) July 26, 2019

Vampires enjoy the sun more than you #CabinFeverSymptoms— Scott Williams (@jswilliams1962) July 26, 2019

You make NyQuil Popsicles for your kids.

#CabinFeverSymptoms— Cheveux Blancs (@8873422) July 26, 2019

Your cabin is running a high temperature.#CabinFeverSymptoms— Gifthorse Dentist 🇺🇸🇩🇪 (@toandfro1979) July 26, 2019


Doing A Bear Grylls..That’s right run you furry little bastards.#CabinFeverSymptoms— Momzilla🥂 (@AnjieMomma) July 26, 2019

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