HashtagSkirmish w/ JK Callaway Top10 #PrettySureIJust


Sometimes we do things we simply can’t believe. Good or Bad, let’s tell the world about it!

Friday August 2nd, 2019 on @HashtagSkirmish we played #PrettySureIJust! Thanks for playing along and keep joining us every Friday 11:30amE/8:30amP!

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And Now… here is Our Top10 for this week’s @HashtagSkirmish Game #PrettySureIJust!


#PrettySureIJust left the oven on. pic.twitter.com/vbXnXAf8OY— ~Cassee~ (@Cassee999) August 2, 2019


#PrettySureIJust blew my diet. pic.twitter.com/vADtW4IBQu— CK (@charley_ck14) August 2, 2019


#PrettySureIJust had the best Chinese food … wait. pic.twitter.com/FWsVhF2zj3— Historically_false (@JanChiLing2) August 2, 2019


#PrettySureIJust fell asleep for a second there pic.twitter.com/HoaQnmwDz6— ❀ Sɪᴍᴏɴᴇ ❀ (@Simbra75) August 2, 2019


#PrettySureIJust saw Elvis and I’m all shook up— Sammy is here 520 (@520Sammy) August 2, 2019


#PrettySureIJust need a little romance in my life… pic.twitter.com/ko3E6QUjXF— ♡Tamara-Marie♡ (@143LaDonia) August 2, 2019


#PrettySureIJust figured out Twitter. Funny=❤
Dick picks=Block
Boobs pics=RT and Dick Picks
Boob Avi=followers who ❤ & RT and Dick Picks.— SalaManders (@SalaManders07) August 2, 2019


#PrettySureIJust saw a bug land on you pic.twitter.com/FyVIzbyd1O— justme (@Ladyfish666) August 2, 2019


#PrettySureIJust need a nurse pic.twitter.com/HR3I5gX8Zx— Mr Blue Eyes (@MrBlueEyes14) August 2, 2019


#PrettySureIJust missed my exit pic.twitter.com/iftfCGxVhR— THEKONSEPT (@TKthekonsept) August 2, 2019

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