HashtagSkirmish w/ JK Callaway Top10 #WhenIGetNervous


We all have those moments of trepidation where we’re not sure what to do. How do you react?

Friday August 9th, 2019 on @HashtagSkirmish we played #WhenIGetNervous! Thanks for playing along and keep joining us every Friday 11:30amE/8:30amP!

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And Now… here is Our Top10 for this week’s @HashtagSkirmish Game #WhenIGetNervous!


#WhenIGetNervous my mind goes blank. pic.twitter.com/XALSXtt8Zc— Jason Haack (@j1_haack) August 9, 2019


#WhenIGetNervous I mispronounce people’s names. pic.twitter.com/zkw7aEKUaa— Candi (@frozenCandi) August 9, 2019


#WhenIGetNervous my sarcasm and wit attempt to protect me. pic.twitter.com/f2PNppLxlR— Robyn (@rawbeancoal) August 9, 2019


#WhenIGetNervous I puke in your shoe 😼— Sammy is here 520 (@520Sammy) August 9, 2019


You could use my hands to shake paint cans…#WhenIGetNervous— ♠️°ǝᴉʇɐʞ°♠️ (@_Katiebyy69) August 9, 2019


#WhenIGetNervous I get out my blue blanket. pic.twitter.com/eHFFqqRBr7— Michael 🎧 (@quickbear) August 9, 2019


#WhenIGetNervous I just hope no one sees how freaked out I am. pic.twitter.com/mwRlDMma2i— ||[Cattsy]||[2.0]||😽💞💞 (@Cattereia) August 9, 2019


#WhenIGetNervous I tweet corny sex jokes on Twitter. It’s all about distractions— smalltownmom (@kelaki) August 9, 2019


#WhenIGetNervous I depend on my emotional support honey badger pic.twitter.com/lDk5cVXINz— elatticus (@elatticus) August 9, 2019


#WhenIGetNervous I ride my motorcycle, just call me Uneasy Rider.— Tony (@LazyRetiredGuy) August 9, 2019

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