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Fun fact, Jason Voorhees is 72 year old.  That’s right, he was born to Pamela Voorhees in 1946.  Jason Voorhees, the hockey masked wielding serial killer is 1 year younger than Donald Trump.  Now, it’s not often that I bring up Donald Trump in my introduction to my games but that fact that these two psychopaths were born only a year apart kind of makes sense.  But let’s leave that political stuff behind.   Jason is the main character of the movies (since “Friday The 13th: Part 2) that some people have called slasher porn.  But since the original movie back in 1980 premiered he has been in our collective consciousnesses since that time.  He’s that silent moral judgement of teenagers have sex and doing drugs.  You know, that thing that EVERY teenager has ever done.  That’s why he’s scary.  Not the fact that he can’t be killed or the fact that no matter how fast you run he will always catch up to you. It’s that fact that those normal urges that you have will get you killed.  He is that scary moral judgement that we have in the back of our minds every time we  make a decision.  Decide to lose our virginity?  Jason will kill you.  Decide to smoke pot (which is legal in and large amount of states now).  Jason will kill you.  Decide to open a camp at a location called “Blood Lake”.  Jason will kill you.  He’s the moral right hand of God that we think is always looking over our shoulder whenever we think of doing something “wrong”.  He’s not.  Let me just say that straight out!  He’s an 11 year old who has been living by himself in a makeshift cabin with his decapitated mother’s head for company.  That’s it.  But that kind of lifestyle has to be hard on your love life.  He went thru puberty with a burlap sack on his head plotting revenge for his mother’s death.  Not the greatest way to get a girl to like you.  But how can he do it?  How can Jason Voorhees find the love of his fife?  Hell, even if he finds it, how can he keep it!!!!  How can a decomposing, hockey mask wearing, machete wielding, blue jump suit wearing, mamma’s boy KEEP a girl.  How can you be romantic in between stabbing promiscuous teenagers with whatever weapon is closest?  How does one be romantic while holding the severed arm of some camp counselor that you just eviscerated?  That’s what I asked for this week’s “Hashtag, You’re It” with the hashtag #LoveLettersFromJasonVoorhees.  So check out the top list below and don’t forget to join me every Tuesday at 11 am EDT.


                   – Jason Voorhees


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