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Cannabis was the victim of one of the most successful smear campaigns in recent history. Cannabis crops have been in America since the first colonies. Hemp manufacturing was a big part of the first settlers making textiles and rope from it. Hemp is easy to grow, strong, durable, and cheap to produce. It had always been a staple crop for most the Americas during the westward expansion. The recreational usage was very limited. Most the the cannabis used in agriculture had a low THC (that’s the stuff that gets you high) content. It was largely used for manufacturing, nothing more. Yes, cannabis is a drug that does have a euphoric effect on users. Most doctors today say that the side effects of cannabis use are minor compared to that of say alcohol or tobacco. So where did this shift in the perception of cannabis come from? Where else, the rich. Cannabis was on the verge of having a huge boom in the mechanization to the harvesting of the crop. Hemp was about to get a whole lot cheaper and more abundant. This did not sit well with two of the most richest and powerful people at the time: William Randolph Hurst and The Du Pont Family. William Randolph Hurst, the media baron, had huge interests in paper production and the DuPont family had just come out with Rayon (the first man made fiber). Both would have lost millions if hemp had gone to market. So, with the new drug czar they had in their pocket, they began the smear campaign against cannabis that basically crushed hemp for almost 100 years. With the use of Hursts vast media empire he pushed the horrors of marijuana. First off the use of the term “Marijuana”. By using the Mexican term for cannabis, it brought up memories of the Mexican American War. By using racism, anti-american sentiment, and flat out lies they tricked the American people into thinking that cannabis is a drug that is “More Deadly Than Heroin”. All this just to keep the rich from losing money. But as we all now know, cannabis isn’t the dangerous drug that Hurst lead the American people to believe. That is why more and more states have decriminalized cannabis use, and not just for strictly medicinal use but for recreational as well. So the sale of recreational cannabis is now a big business. Dispensaries are popping up all across the country (well, in states where it’s legal). So how do you get your dispensary to stand out among the sudden rush of other dispensaries? With a catchy name of course! So that’s what brought me to this week’s “Hashtag, You’re It” which was #GreatNamesForDispensaries. So light up a bowl, open a bag of cheetos, and check out the top list below. And don’t forget to join me every Tuesday at 11 am EDT for the next episode of “Hashtag, You’re It”


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