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My very first day at college I was in the student union and I saw a booth for a credit card company. “I’m a college student now. I’m an adult. I should have a credit card. I’m responsible. I can handle this” are all the thoughts that went thru my head as I signed that piece of paper and they handed me my brand new credit card. I walked away with a big adult grin on my face. (comedic flash cut to 3 weeks later) “I’m sorry sir, you’re cards been declined”. So i remember back in grade school we learned how to cook, clean, do math, say please and thank you, but most importantly we learned how to square dance. Wait, square dance?!?!? We learned THAT but not finance? Not how basic things like bank loans, credit cards, and how all of these things are are related back to your credit score. You know, your credit score, that thing that will follow you to your death and will have people judge you in everything that you will ever try to do. Want to buy a car? Let’s see you credit score. Want to rent an apartment? Let’s see your credit score. Want to be seen as a good person in our civilization? Let’s see your credit score. Our society is run on credit cards but we’re never taught how to use them wisely. Huh, it’s almost like the credit cards companies would rather have us in debt. But let me get off my soap box and get back to the comedy. We use our credit cards all our lives. From simple trips to the grocery store to large vacations to the Cayman Islands. It’s a real road map of our lives. Every decision that we make is on there. So what does your credit card show your life? That’s what I asked Twitter this week with the hashtag #MyCreditCardStatementShows. So check out the top list below and don’t forget to join me every Tuesday at 11 am EDT for the next exciting episode of “Hashtag, You’re It”

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