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On september 14th, 1985 the world was introduced to Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia. The Golden Girls. America instantly fell in love with these women during their 180 episode run in prime time. Each of the four main leads won Emmys for their talents, making it one of only three shows to ever do that. TV Guide even named it one of the top 50 TV shows of all time. The show has always been a cult favorite ever since it went off the air in 1992. When “The Golden Girls” was finally released on the streaming service Hulu a few years ago it saw a new found popularity. However, since the quarantine has us all stuck at home watching tv all day, “The Golden Girls” was the most watched show on Hulu for the months of March and April. These sassy ladies are still cracking up audiences with their quick wit, saucy story lines, still socially relevant plots, and message of female empowerment. Almost 30 years after the show ended it is still one of the most beloved show of all time. We are still learning about strength from Dorothy, compassion from Rose, sexual positivity from Blanche, and how to absolutely devastate someone with just one single statement from Sophia. Episodes dealing with sexual harassment, the Aids epidemic, transgender rights, elder abuse, teenage pregnancy, racial profiling, domestic violence, drug addiction, and gun violence are still as relevant today as they were then. The Golden Girls taught us well and I’m happy to say they are STILL teaching a new audience today. But what is they were still doing episodes? How would Dorothy deal with Trump? How would Rose deal with staying 6 feet apart from people? How would Blanche met men if the Rusty Anchor is closed for quarantine? What would Sophia’s Twitter account look like? That’s why I asked Twitter to give me some ideas with the hashtag #ModernGoldenGirlsEpisodes. So cut yourself a generous portion of cheesecake and enjoy the top list below. Also, don’t forget to join me every Tuesday at 11 am EDT for the next exciting episode of “Hashtag, you’re It”

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