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Here’s a fun fact for everyone: Cavemen never existed with dinosaurs. Yup, it’s true! Dinosaurs died off around 65 million years ago while the first fossil records of the earliest humans came along about 6 million years ago. So the TV show “The Flintstones” got it wrong. Who knew a kid’s TV show from the 60’s got it so incorrect. There was no little Pterodactyl used as a can opener, who then looked to the camera and said “It’s A Living”, by any caveman. They didn’t have pet Brontosaurus’ who happily tackled them as they came home from a long day at work. The first depictions of cavemen actually came around the middle ages, where they were drawn as hairy ape like men usually with clubs and living in caves. Through fossil record and anthropological work we now know that the evolution of man to modern day had many different stages of evolution. From australopithecus afarensis, to homo habilis, to homo erectus, to homo neanderthalensis, up to today’s homo sapien. But when we think of our ape like ancestors we still picture a bent over, hairy, club holding, Flintstone-like loin cloth wearing, monosyllabic speaking, caveman. So for evolution to work these cavemen and cavewomen had to breed. That’s leads to this week’s “Hashtag, You’re It” where I asked Twitter for some #CavemanPickupLines. Just how did Oog first approach Grug and ask her out? Check out the top list below for the answer to that question and more. Don’t forget to join me every Tuesday at 11 am EDT. for the next exciting epiosde of “Hashtag, You’re It”.

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