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We all remember the Post Office, right? Most of us only had to go there once MAYBE twice a year. It was never really that fun of an experience. A drab building with no color what so ever, long lines of already unhappy people, only one person working even though there are 6 counters for additional workers, fluorescent lights with invariably one flickering to emphasize the mundane sadness of the place, pens on beads like at the bank, sun worn posters for books of stamps with topics so boring even bird watchers wouldn’t want them, and when you finally get up to the front of the line the worker is so old they might have just been around when the Post Office was founded. Yup, THAT Post Office! So who would have guessed that that government institute would be the last bastion of democracy in America. With a deadly worldwide pandemic still raging, we shouldn’t be gathering in large groups to vote. The obvious answer to this is voting by mail. You know, that thing that we have had since before the Civil War. You get a ballot in the mail, fill it out, and send it back to the government for tabulation. Simple as that. Well that’s when the current administration steps in. Knowing that they are behind in the polls they have used their influence to first bad mouth mail in voting, seeding doubt in the whole process, while systematically disabling the actual machinery that would sort the mail in the first place. The Post Office has already been on hard times since the GOP tried to kill off the institution in 2006 when they made it prepay it’s pensions for 75 years. Many people still depend on the Post Office for basic needs such as paychecks, medicine, and small business transactions. Even with being beaten down so often, the Post Office still gets back up to do it’s job. It’s the Rocky Balboa of government agencies. So to help out with everything going on, how can the Post Office find new revenues of income? That’s the question that I asked Twitter this week with the hashtag #NewMoneyMakingIdeasForTheUSPS. So check out the top list below and don’t forget to join me every Tuesday at 11 am EDT for the next exciting episode of “Hashtag, You’re It”

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