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This week’s “Hashtag, You’re It” was #CreateANewConspiracyTheory and while doing my research to write the into I’m sure I’ve been put on many a FBI watch list. You know what I mean, how whatever you search for on your computer is then automatically sent to the FBI and the CIA and they keep tabs on what you’re doing. Wait……THAT’S a conspiracy theory! See how easily and prevalent conspiracy theories are in today’s society. The term “Conspiracy Theory” first popped up as early as 1870 but didn’t become a more popular term until around 1964. Our faith in politicians has been dwindling steadily for a long time but 1964 really pushed us over the edge and most everyone now knew the term “Conspiracy Theory”. Some of you may know where I’m going with this but some of you younger readers might not know what was released in 1964. That year the Warren Commission released it’s finding about the JFK assassination. Most of the country didn’t buy it. The “Magic Bullet” theory, the lone gunman theory, the grassy knoll, it was a tough pill for the American people to swallow. It seemed like there was more going on then they were telling us. People believed that there were shady dealing going on behind the scenes about a sinister government cover up that lead to the death of an American president. We lost faith and started seeing conspiracy in everything. That notion of conspiracy has blossomed to epic proportions in today’s world. Now a days people believe in Chemtrails, vaccines causing Autism, the deep state, Area 51, and the Illuminati just to name a few! Even QAnon, a far right conspiracy theorist, has a follower that just won their Senate seat in Oregon! There are so many conspiracy theories out there that there is a whole Wikipedia page devoted to just the list of them. But we’ve all heard of these before. The government is run by lizard people *yawn*, aliens built the pyramids *yawn*, drinking coke then eating pop rocks will make you stomach explode *yawn*. How about some NEW conspiracy theories! Something fresh and new. That’s why I asked Twitter for some new one’s with the hashtag #CreateANewConspiracyTheory. So check out the top list below and don’t forget to join me every Tuesday at 11 am EDT. for the next exciting episode of “Hashtag, You’re It”

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