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Talk about a PR nightmare! Don Draper himself would have a hard time selling this summer camp. It all started in 1957 when an 11 year old boy drowns. Then the next year, 2 counselors are stabbed to death. The camp is closed. In the mid 60’s there were multiple attempts to reopen the camp but those ended in either “mysterious” fires or water poisoning. This lead the townspeople to nicknaming it “Camp Blood”. In 1979, and after a $25,000 renovation, the camp is reopened again. This leads to the brutal murders of 10 people by camp cook Pamela Voorhees. The very next year 34 more people are murdered by her son Jason. Jason himself is killed by local boy Tommy Jarvis. 5 years later a grieving ambulance driver takes on the persona of Jason and kills 17 more people in the Crystal Lake area. Again he it killed by Tommy Jarvis. Still haunted by his brush with the hockey masked madman, Tommy Jarvis returns Crystal Lake (now renamed Forest Green) and accidentally reanimates the corpse of Jason Voorhees leading to the deaths of 72 more people over the next few years. Think about that won’t you, over 130 people murdered at or around a summer camp and yet people STILL send their kids to this camp! A name change and a new coat of paint is apparently all it takes for people to forget the body count. But in this online age how is Camp Crystal Lake’s online presence? When we use a service we invariably post about it online. Our greatest site for either praising or ripping a service apart is Yelp. So for a fun thought experiment I asked Twitter what would be some #CampCrystalLakeYelpReviews. So check out the top list below and don’t forget to join me every Tuesday at 11 am EDT for the next exciting episode of “Hashtag, You’re It”

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