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What do Steve Buscemi, Gloria Estefan, Donny Osmond, Spike Lee, Sid Vicious, Fran Drescher, Andrew Dice Clay, and Melanie Griffin all have in common? …………….Time’s up! They were all born in 1957 making them all 63 years old. That is also the age of Haddonfield’s very own, knife wielding psychopath, Michael Myers. Yup, the babysitter stocking, sister lover is 63 years old as of this October 19th. He has been trying to kill his family members for decades now. First his sister, then his niece, then his sister again, then just Jamie Lee Curtis. Originally known as just “The Shape”, Michael has been haunting our dreams for over 40 years now. With his emotionless Captain Kirk mask, his creepy stalking, to the pulse pounding theme song, Michael is THE embodiment of Halloween evil. Unstoppable, relentless, and coldblooded, he has been the shadow that lurks in the corner of every darkened room that we enter. You know that you can’t reason with him. No clemency will be granted. You WILL get the knife. Without saying a word, he has become a staple of every horror movie aficionados top list. But what is behind that spray painted white Kirk mask? That is what I asked Twitter for this week with the hashtag #MichaelMyersInnerMonologue. So check under the bed, check out the closets, and keep the lights turned on as you check out the top list below. Don’t forget to join me every Tuesday at 11 am EDT for the next exciting episode of “Hashtag, You’re It”

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