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With the invention of the internet we all have become amateur critics. Before it was just a select few who told us about things like restaurants, theater, and movies. Those people had training, education, and deep knowledge into the matter that they were reviewing for us. It was a nuanced, articulate, and well thought out analysis of the topic at hand. Well the internet has changed all that. Now anyone with access to the public library’s WiFi can give his two cents about any topic they want. There’s always both good and bad things about having to many opinions. You know the old saying “Too many cook’s in the kitchen spoils the broth”, well I think that implies here. And we have only had the internet so such a short time. Imagine if people were able to give their criticism since time began! How would a caveman review the invention of fire? How would a rat review the Black Plague? How would a citizen of Rome review Nero’s Fiddle playing? How would Mrs. O’Leary’s cow review the Great Chicago Fire? These are things I asked Twitter this week with the hashtag #YelpReviewAHistoricEvent. So check out the top list below and don’t forget to join me every Tuesday at 10 am EDT for the next exciting episode of “Hashtag, You’re It”


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