#OldIndianaJonesAdventures via “Hashtag, You’re It”!: The Top Picks By @BrandNewMcMann


Did you know that they already finished filming a FIFTH Indiana Jones movie!?!?!?!   It’s true!  79 year old Harrison Ford is once again donning the whip and fedora to portray the globe trotting archeologist.  I thought after the 2008 debacle which was “Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull” they’d never do another Indiana Jones movie again.  Buuuut Hollywood loves to squeeze every penny they can out of a franchise.  My biggest problem, and there were many, with the last movie was that it was 90% green screen.  The first 3 movies were awesome because they used real locals when they could.  You felt like you were actually there with Indy as he discovered new lands.  With “Crystal Skull” you just felt that they didn’t have the insurance to have Ford in any of these places because it would be too expensive to actually have him there.  Most of the movie was done in a sound stage in Burbank.  That’s not the Indy we know and love.  “Crystal Skull” was a critical dud, with audiences saying “now that’s just sad”.  They should have stopped at “Last Crusade”.  They didn’t need to give Indy a kid and a wife.  Plus, in the new movie neither Shia LeBeouf or Karen Allen aren’t even reprising their roles.  It was a plot point that even the new movie didn’t want to deal with. Even with all my disappointment with the last movie I’m still going to go into the, as yet titled, new Indy movie with a small modicum of hope.  *fingers crossed*. But what can the adventure be about?  What can an almost 80 year old man be trying to find except the closest restroom, or that coupon for a free coffee at the early bird special, or a cane that won’t wobble? This question is what I posed to Twitter this week with the hashtag #OldIndianaJonesAdventures.  So check out the top list below and don’t forget to join me every Tuesday at 11 am EDT for the next exciting episode of “Hashtag, You’re It”.  And just 5 little words before I go…….
“It belongs in a museum!”


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