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Never miss a Hashtag Game again! Get the Hashtag Roundup app today!


Hashtag Roundup develops and promotes (large amounts of) original content daily. Play along with our hosts. Be part of over 200 top trending hashtags we create monthly.

Notifications alert you when new games begin, so you’ll never miss another hashtag game again!

Are you ready to be an Ultimate Hashtag Warrior?

[+] HASHTAG GAMES – Engage in current hashtag game events on Twitter. New games daily.
[+] NOTIFICATIONS – Get notified on your phone the moment a new game becomes active. Never miss a game!
[+] BEST OF LISTS – The best and most humorous tweets from pasts hashtag games are featured.
[+] SCHEDULE – Full daily schedule of games is available.
[+] BLOG – Get the latest Twitter and Hashtagging news.

**Changes from previous version(s):**
The app now amplifies focus on hashtag game participation, removing ancillary game elements including peer-to-peer rewards, in-app purchases, levels, and leaderboard.

The tweeting experience and user interface has been enhanced for ease of use. Now, simply copy and paste the hashtag from Hashtag Roundup into any of your favorite Twitter apps to tweet! The full tweeting functionality you’re familiar with is at your fingertips.

Several app login options are now available:: 1) Twitter login; 2) Facebook login; 3) Email login

As always have fun but remember: Hashtag games are addictive.

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